Hidden in the sleepy city

Dinner at George’s on Waymouth

Ive always said the best occasions occur without intention , and last night at George’s we found proof in the pudding…

Or was it the tuna sashimi? Dancing amongst crafty pieces of blood orange, crispy shallot and a rustic black olive tapenade hiding a touch of fennel. This was already my favourite dish of the night, right up until i met the competition…

Wagyu Carpaccio. Super-fresh and beautifully tailored, the beef was propped by a classic combination of caramelized pear and walnut chunks.  Micro herbs and shavings of a spanish cheese who’s name escapes me again and again. Fortunately our talented waitress could remind me Mescla Curado.

Comfortably into my second glass of bubbles I was surprised and  happy to see scallops appear before my eyes.  Lightly seared by what must have been only a few gentle seconds per side.  Two of these cushy pillows elegantly fashioned with beret made of  boudin noir and a touch of vincotto to the side.  Finally a teardrop of pumpkin puree bearing distinct maple syrup influence.

Chef Quentin Whittle worked some years in Canada where he took a liking to cooking with their local syrup instead of traditional sweeteners.

Having not read the menu Elise and I had no idea what could come next.  Our BYO arrived back in the form of 2004 Rockford Rod & Spur.  Double decanted and looking superb.   Eli hoped for steak but was happily confronted by course number four.

Im talking and talking and talking… about oven baked, prosciutto-wrapped free range quail.   Hands-on fun for everyone.  Served with pearl couscous, raisins and a buttery soft quail jus with almonds and a slender orange-zest tang.   This dish was beautifully balanced, well thought out and surprisingly rich enough to handle the Cab-Shiraz in our glass.  Scrumptious.

A wonderful dining experience, all in all faultless and im certainly heading back to see the new winter/spring menu.  Big thanks to Alex at our table side for her knowledgeable and entertaining hosting and of course Chef Quentin Whittle.

Georges on Waymouth.

General Manager – George Kasimatis

2010 Winner Best European restaurant -Restaurant & Catering Awards S.A.

20 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Ph: 08 8211 6960

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3 Responses to Hidden in the sleepy city

  1. Elise Trenorden says:

    ah steve you have a way with words. my mouth is watering. lets go back as soon as the new menu arrives!

    • George says:

      Steve & Elise, we have embarked on our next menu.
      Appreciate your kind words on my restaurant.
      Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you at Georges
      on Waymouth soon. Warm Regards, George.

  2. Ann Oliver says:

    I am doing a survey about on-line restaurant reviewers and bloggers and was wondering if you don’t mind what your credentials are with regard to food and wine and restaurant management knowledge.

    cheers Ann Oliver

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