Sorry its been so long since we’ve updated here. Below is Rummage’s latest tune called “Cloud Level”. A little dubstep number with ethereal vibes and growling bassline to calm the nerves. Enjoi. Love you.

Rummage – Cloud Level – Dubstep

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❤CRAZY IN HOTPANTS❤  Beyonce V’s The JB’s (mashup)

Rummage – Mataro

An experiment to see if a single audio sample can be engineered to create an entire track.

The Sample – A tone created by a Riedel wine glass with the flick of a finger. Recorded with Rode NT1 mic..
Some additional white noise was used to give “fizz” to the hi hats, which in hindsight, sound fair tacky.

Attache – Give me the good Calli weed (feat. Proverbs)

Rummage – Vintage DnB: “Nameles Remix”
Free Download via little arrow on right side of waveform.

Bonobo – Black Sands mini mix

New Dubstep – NeedYouNot – Free download ♨
GET IT HERE and please share it.

Macro – Dubstep mini-mix for Post Everything

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